Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Roll On

The City Room blog at the New York Times reports this morning on some proposed legislation to ease bike commuting in New York City by requiring large buildings to set aside a small amount of indoor space for bike racks.

Promoting bike commuting is a sensible way to reduce traffic congestion and ease overcrowding on the public transportation system. But as most bike commuters know, lack of secure parking can be an impediment. And in this case, it is not practical to simply wait for building owners to offer this amenity. (So far, most haven't) This is one case in which a mandate makes sense. The benefits to everyone (cleaner air, a reduction in child asthma, etc.) would outweigh the nominal costs to building owners. The city is doing a great job putting in new bike lanes, and finding a solution to the bike parking dilemma is another key to creating a more livable city without spending a lot of taxpayer money.

Kudos to the city counsel for considering these measures. Why not show your support for secure bike parking? Find your city counsel member here and send an email or make a call.

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